Benefits Of Medical Insurance

Commercial insurance covers your medical and surgical expenses that would be financially a big blow to the majority of employees in any company. Illnesses and accidents do no happen with prior notice. They happen when you least expect it. To curb those unpleasant situations where mental, as well as monetary strain, is undergone by an individual, commercial insurance provides financial support.

Commercial insurance is not a compulsory benefit that one has to take up. But it sure does justice the term ‘benefits’ as there are many for a non-residential employee apply for foreign workers medical insurance .

1)Care provided outside of the hospital is called outpatient care. In this case, you don’t have to be admitted in order to receive treatment. The doctor recommends treatment based on the assessment that he conducts. There are various guidelines that he is to follow before declaring ‘outpatient care’

2)Transportation, in the case of emergencies, is covered by the medical insurance provided to the employee. The use of an ambulance is chargeable to the employer who has insured his employee under the foreign workers medical insurance.

3)Expenses like medication costs, medical report charges, treatment fees, medical consultation charges, surgery, ward fees and artificial limbs are incurred by the commercial insurance. Medical leaves are also compensated for. When the employee receives a doctor-granted medical certificate or hospital advised leave, the employee cannot be forced to work against his will.

4)Laboratory tests and medication for on-going treatment even after a surgery is undertaken by the insurance. Counseling, vaccinations, and therapy (if recommended by the doctors based on their assessment) are to be covered by the insurance.

5) In the case of fatal incidents like permanent disability caused due to an accident or chronic condition, speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, rehabilitation and other such treatments are to be provided. The family is provided assistance with a lump sum amount as compensation to continue the treatment of the insured. If devices like artificial limbs or health monitors are necessary for the treatment of the insured, it has to be provided under the insurance. In the case of death, lump sum compensation is provided to the family or dependant to help them cope with the financial losses that they incur as their monetary needs are no longer provided for.

The benefits give a better sense of the importance of medical insurance and how a small amount of investment on a monthly basis can be useful in the long term.