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Why it’s not just about the Queue length but also about the experience

Why it’s not just about the Queue length, but also about the experience

Have you ever been stuck in a long queue for something you really wanted to purchase or obtain? What did it feel like being stuck in a long queue? Unhappy? Bored? Angry? Studies have shown that it is a mix of many negative emotions, these three included, that come to people’s minds when they are stuck in a long queue.

Of course, there are also factors that can mitigate how a crowd feels while queueing. Between queues under a scorching sun or a queue in an air-conditioned mall, which would you rather queue in?

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In this article by Customer Faithful, they write about how the event organizer needs to make the crowd feel like what they queue for is valuable:

Add ‘value’ to the wait– I remember helping a Theatre client deal with the queues that form during the interval of a West End show. Lines for the toilet, lines for the bar, another queue for ice-creams. Then we found that 1 in 7 people at the bar just bought bottles of water. So, we created mobile water-sellers, who sold to those waiting in line to spend a penny. Suddenly queuing for the loo had a multi-tasking benefit! The bar queues got shorter too, everyone was less stressed, and drinks revenue went up 9%”. Read more here!

It is very important to make remove or alleviate the negative emotions felt by the crowd – be it discomfort, purpose, or regret. These feelings need to go if you want to make people wait and be patient for their turn to arrive. Because if those feelings override whatever purpose people have for queueing – they will just drop out from the queue. Even the most ardent fans won’t queue under heavy rain for their favorite idol if they are too displaced from comfort.

So how much damage exactly does negative queueing experiences bring? Here, Tellermate tells us more:

A 2018 European Retail Report carried out by Adyen suggests that often long queues in stores can lead to potential customers abandoning purchases, with an estimated £14.3 billion being lost in sales last year for this reason alone.” Read more here!

How well you retain your customers is how well you can manage the queuing experience. What some retailers or event organisers have done is to give out refreshments to those waiting in the crowd. If it is an event launch, you can hire an emcee and engage the crowd, with promises of giveaways from mini-contests. This not only turns the attention of the crowd away from the discomfort, but also gives them a monetary reward just by staying in the queue.

Next, we explain how to actually solve your queue problems. Some organisers have turned to queue management systems, and Blog Nexa explains more:

Research has shown that when customers get the ability to pre-book appointments via your web site, call centre or other mediums, they feel a direct connection with the organisation. In fact, a customer surveys show that when customers directly engage with business and have the ability to book appointments directly, companies achieve as much as 10%-15% higher rating in customer satisfactory surveys.” Read more here!

If there is a technological solution around queueing, as a responsible organizer you should do the utmost you can to get people to avoid physical queueing. You can even turn it into online queueing, which is popular with concert tickets being sold online nowadays. Whichever the online method, customer satisfaction is bound to increase without physical queueing and having to endure the elements of weather, taking time out to be physically present queueing, or sharing a tight space with noisy strangers.

In conclusion, queueing is a behavior that is not likely to go away anytime soon. Whenever demand exceeds supply and a physical presence is needed to buy something, a queue will inevitably form. If you want your product sales to be as high as possible or your event to be well received, you need to take the queuing experience seriously.

FAQs on Health Benefit of Magnetic Therapy

FAQs on Health Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Many people today are opting for magnetic therapy instead of opting for painkillers or invasive surgeries. Today, devices magnetic support have gained immense popularity. Check out the following frequently asked questions about this alternative natural treatment to get relief from pain leading to faster healing.

1. What is the therapy all about?

Check out PIP knee support to know more. It is a type of alternative treatment using magnetic fields for treating medical conditions. A permanent magnet is brought in close contact with the human body so that the bones can heal faster and there is relief from the pain. Magnetic therapy is mostly recommended by medical practitioners as a treatment technique for back problems and joint disorders.

2. Can a magnet be used for pain relief?
In the recent times, magnets are being widely used for pain relief in different types of device such as headbands, elbow bands, bracelets and so on Magnets can create a special force known as a magnetic field. While the magnetic field of a static magnet does not change, an electromagnet can only create a magnetic field when an electrical current is passed through it.

3. How can a magnet affect the blood?
The iron present in your blood gets attracted to a magnetic field. Thereafter, there is increased movement of blood. The increased blood flow also increases the oxygen levels and carries hormone and nutrients to the tissues and organs in a more efficient manner. Finally, the natural pain-killing activity of the blood gets promoted.

4. How does a magnetic field reduce inflammation?
Your damaged cells and tissue can respond to the magnetic fields by getting the ions realigned into the proper position. Thereafter, the process of eliminating the extra fluid from these cells begins. A magnetic field can also impact your white blood cells, which surround an injury. It triggers the healing process of the cells and the regeneration of the tissues.

5. What is static magnetic therapy?
It is a form of magnetic therapy where the magnet should touch your skin in some way or the other. For instance, you could wear or use a magnetic bracelet or any other magnetized device. The product could be a special bandage with a magnet. One may even wear magnets as shoe insole. People may be also advised to sleep on specially designed mattress pads with magnets in them.

6. What is electromagnetic therapy?
If you have opted for an electromagnetic therapy, an electric charge is used to create the magnetic field.

In conclusion, magnetic therapy might not be for everyone, but if you have checked the above mentioned and want to give it a try, don’t be surprised if you see good results that usual treatments cannot achieve.

How to Remedy that Nagging Back Pain

How to Remedy that Nagging Neck and Back Pain

Today, many office workers are stationary at their desks for majority of the day. Whether it be facing the computer screen in a slouched position, over-craning their neck at their mobile phones, this is main reason for shoulder and neck aches in many people today.

If this is caused by a bad habit, reminding oneself to keep our posture straight might not be effective. Hence, we can consider doing muscle exercises to relieve those pains after we have sustained them.

For shoulder or neck pain relief, there are pain relief products that are available on the market. One such product is PIP’s health magnet series, such as the PIP Elekiban and PIP Magneloop. It’s the No. 1 in Magneto-Therapy in Japan and now they are on our Singapore shores at most healthcare retailers. Visit their site here today!

Next, this article from Genesis Orthopedics suggests 5 exercises to relieve shoulder pain.

Arm-across-Chest Stretch – Hold your right hand out in front of you, keeping it near your waist. Reach your left hand behind your elbow, pulling your right arm to the left and across your chest. If you feel pain in your shoulder, lower your arm until the pain subsides. The goal is to be able to pull your right arm across your chest without feeling any pain. Hold for 30-60 seconds then relax and repeat with your left arm. Repeat 3-5 times.” Read more here!

Here, we can see how a simple set of exercises can help alleviate bad posture or bad habits from using computers or smart devices. The best part of this is that no gym equipment is required, and the most you will need is a wall for you to do these simple exercises. If changing an old habit is difficult for you, you can try taking on a new habit instead.

Taking on a new habit can be a simple thing if done in baby steps. This can be doing the exercises before lunch, after lunch, during the late afternoon, before leaving the office, and after dinner. If you have done so, congratulations! You have done all 5 exercises in a single day.

Next, besides exercise, AP from Home Remedies shares other treatments to your muscle aches.

Drink 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea daily. To make the tea, simmer 1 tablespoon of thinly sliced ginger in 1½ to 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain, then add honey and drink it.

You can also drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a little honey twice daily for a week to promote quick recovery.” Read more here!

Herbal or fruit drinks can provide benefits such as anti-inflammation and pain relief if exercise is out of the question for some individuals. In fact, what we eat is closely related, if not more, to our overall health. In today’s society, the food we eat is mostly oily, fried and more processed as compared to in the past. Having such herbal or artisanal drinks not only relieves our aches but is good for our immune system as a whole.

Such a concoction is quite easy to make. In recent health trends, many people have been adding cucumber slices or fruit slices to their daily water intake. This is a good baby step that you can start with if you are not used to drinking healthy teas. Also, avoid overly heaty foods or empty calorie foods that do not benefit your health.

Lastly, we will explain why it is important you manage that muscle pain today, William C. Shiel Jr explains what the outcomes are if our shoulder or neck aches accumulate.

The most common cause of shoulder pain and neck pain is injury to the soft tissues, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments within these structures.

Shoulder or A-C separation: The collarbone (clavicle) and shoulder blade (scapula) are connected by ligaments. With trauma to the shoulder, these ligaments can be stretched or torn.” Read more here!

In short, there can be bad consequences if muscle strain is not attended to and we just ‘leave it aside’ to focus on our daily work. When our body nags at us and tells us that there is something not right with it, we ought to stop and listen to what it has to say. Otherwise, the consequence would need more serious intervention, be it rehabilitation or surgery. As the saying goes, ‘Man chases wealth when they are young, and chases health when he is old’. The relationship does not need to be an exclusive one when we can take care of our health and chase wealth at the same time if we set aside time for both.

In conclusion, if we are suffering from shoulder or back aches from poor body posture at work, we need to correct them or consequences will be worse in the long run. It can be from doing simple exercises or eating healthy. As long as we start our path to recover and maintain our health, we can bid these problems goodbye.


What Are The Things One Must Consider While Choosing A Home Security System

What Are The Things One Must Consider While Choosing A Home Security System?

As technology keeps breaking new milestones each day, criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated. No matter how well planned a house is, unless it has a dependable security system securing it, the house is not considered complete. Fortunately, home security solutions are now more affordable than ever. The latest intrusion detection systems come with multiple fail proof redundancies, each of which are more difficult to break than the last, thereby deterring thefts significantly. And all of this is surprisingly affordable, thanks to the heightened competition in the home security system market.

If you are looking for an intrusion detection system, do consider ATT Systems Group. They have a wide expertise in many security systems and have the know-how to solve your queries and problems. You can check out their site above.

Many home security consultants strongly advise people to consider all possible scenarios before choosing a security system, so that there are no loopholes in the one�s security setup. It is high time people realised that, even a single loophole can compromise even the most advanced of home security systems. Although most people do not consider safety hazards while choosing a security system, it is strongly recommended that they do. Aged people who might require medical assistance and kids need to be taken into the picture, while considering the pros and cons of the different security systems in the market. In this article we shall discuss, what are the things one must consider while choosing a home security system.

Factoring in home hazards and children
Surprisingly, the vast majority of home hazards occur mostly due to people ignoring the safety precautions that are to be followed while setting up the wiring and heating systems around the house. People should never compromise on safety for any reason. While this might seem unnecessary, kids must be educated about the home security system to at least some extent. If they are capable of memorising the password, then they should definitely be made to. This way, they will not be helpless during an emergency.

Factoring in the elderly
If there are elders residing in the house, then the security system should be capable to alerting them to emergency scenarios. People who are hard of hearing should be alerted through some other means such as lights, as the siren may not reach them. Also in case of any some medical emergency, they should be able to alert the emergency services without much movement. Fortunately, most home security systems nowadays come with elderly friendly features. Additionally, if there are any firearms in the house, then they should be secured by the security system in some well concealed compartment.