Do You Require A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?


Have you differed injuries at your workplace and are contemplating whether to hire the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer or not? The answer to this question depends on how severe your injury is and the complexity of the case.

Situations where you can do a self-representation

Typically, you should be able to represent your own case when the following points hold true:

  • You missed no work or only a little work after succumbing to your injuries.
  • You met only a minor injury at your workplace like a cut that required some stitches or twisted your ankle.
  • You do not suffer from any type of pre-existing condition.
  • The injury took place at the workplace as per your employer’s admission.

Situations where you may need a lawyer

When you find that your case is appearing complex, it is better to hire a lawyer. Here are some of those situations where you can contact a lawyer to represent you.

Your claim is denied by the employer or there is a delay in getting your benefits

Workers’ compensation insurers and employers may often reject an employee’s work injury insurance claims. They are confident that a majority of the employees will not take the pain to appeal. In fact, a whopping 80 percent of the employees who get injured at workplace just accept the denial of claims made by them without making an effort to appeal further. There is no upfront cost to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Moreover, you can have the best opportunity to get a fair settlement of your compensation claim for the injuries.

The settlement offer made by your employer did not cover your entire medical bills or lost wages.

In case you are uncertain that the offer of your settlement is not adequate, you should not only depend on the judge to ensure that you get a fair deal. You must consult an experienced attorney so that he if she can help you to get the best possible claim settlement for you.

Certain medical problems bar you from continuing either your previous job or even continuing with work at all.

When you have suffered a permanent total disability or partial disability, there could be an entitlement of a weekly payment for your lifetime or a lump sum payment as a compensation for the wages lost by your disability. Now, cases like these can be exorbitant for the insurers. So, they may try their best to avoid paying what the concerned employee deserves. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is necessary in cases like these that involve permanent illness or injuries.