young lady sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Medically Proven Lightweight Wheelchairs

young lady sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Types Of Lightweight Wheelchairs

In the category of medically proven lightweight wheelchairs, ergonomics plays an essential role. Since many people spend most of their day on such chairs thus for their comfort, design, storage space, and ease of these chairs matter a lot.

In this category, there are the following options available:

The Ergo Flight lightweight wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this type are as follow:

The Pros: 

  • The frame of the chair is very light, with a weight of 6.6 kg (14.51lb)
  • The design comes with inbuilt ergonomics in terms of seat, brakes, and hand rim
  • The wheelchair has both options, to be used as a transport wheelchair as well as to be taken manually
  • The shape of the wheelchair is “S.” It increases comfort and reduces pressure on the body parts. 
  • The chair also has ankle loops and footrests
  • The chair can be folded and easily portable
  • The total radius while turning the chair is pretty good, which makes it easy to turn around anywhere

The Cons:

  • If you purchase the chair, you will have to assemble it with trial and error because you won’t find many instructions in the manual for the said purpose
  • The wheels of the chair are smaller. It makes the turnaround and easy movement a bit tricky
  • The overall price of the chair is higher, thus not a very economical option to use

This chair is best for those people who want a comfortable seat and require a portable chair for them

Medical Fly Lightweight Wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this type are:

The Pros:

  • This chair is very lightweight. The total weight of the frame of this chair is only 7.5kg (16.5lb) 
  • The footrest and the armrest of this chair are very comfortable
  • To ensure the safety of anyone using this chair, it comes with an inbuilt seatbelt
  • The chair is portable and can be folded easily
  • For further safety, the wheels of the chair can be locked in case you intend to sit and keep the chair stationary
  • The chair also offers some amount of storage space in its back
  • In case you take it above smaller bumps on streets, it goes steady on them
  • The chair is budget-friendly and won’t prove heavy on your pocket

The Cons:

  • Unlike other wheelchairs, this chair can not be pushed just by using a seat
  • There are also no seat padding with this chair
  • Considering comfort while use, the handles are not very comfortable to hold for long

This chair is best for those people who want some safe and secure option and a transport wheelchair.

The Drive Medical Transport Wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this wheelchair are as follow:

The Pros:

  • The wheelchair is not only cheap, but it is also accessible to almost all and sundry
  • The weight of the wheelchair is less, around 8.6 kg (19 lb)
  • There is a lever on the chair that allows you to fold the chair when to be taken somewhere
  • The chair comes with companion brakes; it makes easy stop when not to be used
  • There is an extra feature of seatbelt for ensuring safety
  • The chair is good for both indoor and outdoor use

The Cons:

  • The chair might not be a durable one for longer use
  • There are no feet straps for the footrest in the chair

This chair is best for those who have a small budget and require some portable options.

The above summary can help you make a better decision while purchasing your desired lightweight wheelchair so that you can look for wheelchairs for sale in Singapore.

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