Candidate Profile – Jon Golnik

My Friends,

First I want to apologize for the recent issues that we have had with regards to format errors, etc. You will notice that we have gone back to our old newsletter format in an attempt to address this for the time being.

That aside, the time is now upon us to get involved as best we can individually to collectively secure the future for those we hold most dear, our children and their future posterity.

I am sure you are all very much aware of the fact that the November elections are rapidly approaching. As we get closer and closer to November 2nd, I will be highlighting the efforts and positions of certain candidates who need our support so they can go to Washington and enact the change that we demand!

Today’s candidate is a man who I have had the chance to meet and speak with personally on numerous occasions. He is a man of conviction and a man who understands the responsibility of the task he will be charged with should we be fortunate enough to have him represent us.

Jon Golnik is not a career politician. As someone with a strong and diverse background, Jon will bring an innovative and refreshing approach to the challenges we face. His worries are your worries; he is your neighbor, your child’s sports coach and your friend.

I recently asked Jon why he decided to enter this particular race at this particular time. I will let Jon’s word’s speak for themselves:

“After the 2008 election I looked at my two children and simultaneously seeing what was going on in Washington with this new administration; the ongoing nationalization of private companies, the take over of the banking industry and the intrusion by the federal government into every aspect of our lives.

I looked at my elected congresswoman and saw a blind obedience to partisan party leadership who admitted to not reading legislation that would forever change healthcare, and a myriad of other bills with the goal, intentional or otherwise, of reshaping the country that I love. I said enough is enough.

We were raised in a country in which hard work and effort created success, and I want my children and yours to have the same opportunities we have had. For my children, for your children, and for the sake of America as we know it, I opted to stand up and be counted. My goal, if honored with the people’s vote and support, is to leave this country a better place for our children and grandchildren.”

That said it all for me. Please join Jon in creating a new type of elected leader. Please visit his website at to learn more about his candidacy, his positions, and ways that you can help Jon Golnik win the Massachusetts 5th Congressional district seat on November 2nd!

Unwaveringly Yours,