What should your Foreign Worker Insurance policy cover?

What is the foreign workers insurance?

An insurance is an arrangement by which a company or may be the state ensure to give some kind of compensation in case of any kind of losses or damage or even in case of death. Foreign workers insurance is a type of insurance that covers individuals who go out of their native lands to work in a foreign country, against any medical injuries. Any individual who works in a foreign land for any tenure is liable to get this insurance. Any individual who travels out of their country is covered under this insurance to be compensated for any injuries that happen to them while they are on-the-job.

Even employees who come to a foreign land for a temporary stay get paid under the foreign workers insurance. The tenure for which an employee will be covered differs from one country to another. The question is why do an employee need such a policy? There are several reasons: firstly, an employee may have to stay in a foreign beyond a period that is permissible by law and during this stay he or she may be exposed to different kinds of hazards. Secondly, the employee may extract some local disease or infection. Thirdly, the employee may be injured due to some accident in the work place. To cover all these scenarios, a foreign workers medical insurance is needed.

Coverage scope of foreign workers medical insurance:

All those employees who are working in an office far away from their native place should know what all claims are covered under the foreign workers insurance. The coverage includes:

Hospital room charges: in case of hospitalization, the insurance will cover the cost of your hospital room charges to a certain limit fixed by the state.

Intensive or critical unit charges: in case you meet with an accident and is put in an intensive care unit, the insurance will cover the cost incurred.

Surgery charges: in case you have to undergo any surgery due to any accident or injury, the insurance will cover the cost.

Miscellaneous hospital expense: during your stay in the hospitals all the miscellaneous expenses like medicines, dressing, therapy charges—all this is covered under this insurance.

Pre and post hospitalization charges: any kind of expense incurred for investigation and diagnosis pre and post hospitalization is covered by this insurance.

Hence the foreign workers medical insurance covers a lot of your medical expenses in case of any illness or injury.