young lady sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Medically Proven Lightweight Wheelchairs

young lady sitting in a lightweight wheelchair

Types Of Lightweight Wheelchairs

In the category of medically proven lightweight wheelchairs, ergonomics plays an essential role. Since many people spend most of their day on such chairs thus for their comfort, design, storage space, and ease of these chairs matter a lot.

In this category, there are the following options available:

The Ergo Flight lightweight wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this type are as follow:

The Pros: 

  • The frame of the chair is very light, with a weight of 6.6 kg (14.51lb)
  • The design comes with inbuilt ergonomics in terms of seat, brakes, and hand rim
  • The wheelchair has both options, to be used as a transport wheelchair as well as to be taken manually
  • The shape of the wheelchair is “S.” It increases comfort and reduces pressure on the body parts. 
  • The chair also has ankle loops and footrests
  • The chair can be folded and easily portable
  • The total radius while turning the chair is pretty good, which makes it easy to turn around anywhere

The Cons:

  • If you purchase the chair, you will have to assemble it with trial and error because you won’t find many instructions in the manual for the said purpose
  • The wheels of the chair are smaller. It makes the turnaround and easy movement a bit tricky
  • The overall price of the chair is higher, thus not a very economical option to use

This chair is best for those people who want a comfortable seat and require a portable chair for them

Medical Fly Lightweight Wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this type are:

The Pros:

  • This chair is very lightweight. The total weight of the frame of this chair is only 7.5kg (16.5lb) 
  • The footrest and the armrest of this chair are very comfortable
  • To ensure the safety of anyone using this chair, it comes with an inbuilt seatbelt
  • The chair is portable and can be folded easily
  • For further safety, the wheels of the chair can be locked in case you intend to sit and keep the chair stationary
  • The chair also offers some amount of storage space in its back
  • In case you take it above smaller bumps on streets, it goes steady on them
  • The chair is budget-friendly and won’t prove heavy on your pocket

The Cons:

  • Unlike other wheelchairs, this chair can not be pushed just by using a seat
  • There are also no seat padding with this chair
  • Considering comfort while use, the handles are not very comfortable to hold for long

This chair is best for those people who want some safe and secure option and a transport wheelchair.

The Drive Medical Transport Wheelchair:

The pros and cons of this wheelchair are as follow:

The Pros:

  • The wheelchair is not only cheap, but it is also accessible to almost all and sundry
  • The weight of the wheelchair is less, around 8.6 kg (19 lb)
  • There is a lever on the chair that allows you to fold the chair when to be taken somewhere
  • The chair comes with companion brakes; it makes easy stop when not to be used
  • There is an extra feature of seatbelt for ensuring safety
  • The chair is good for both indoor and outdoor use

The Cons:

  • The chair might not be a durable one for longer use
  • There are no feet straps for the footrest in the chair

This chair is best for those who have a small budget and require some portable options.

The above summary can help you make a better decision while purchasing your desired lightweight wheelchair so that you can look for wheelchairs for sale in Singapore.

walking aid for elderly woman

Walking Aids

How Do Walking Aids Work?

The walking aids are also called ambulatory assistive devices. Along with devices, a walking aid is yet another essential tool for helping and assisting the patient recover easily from a stroke. It helps them towards improvement in walking, balancing and also mobilizing independently. Also, it helps in the easy transfer of body weight from the upper part of limbs to the ground levels. Mainly for stroke patients, the objective remains shifting of weight from the upper limb to facilitate easy walk and balance. 

Walking Aid Prescription

Since walking aids are a mandatory tool for patients, they still come with their own set of challenges and advantages for patients. A study conducted in the year 2005 claimed these tools are good for keeping balance and stable mobility. Still, these have taken to interfere in the balance pattern of the patient as well. The effectiveness of walking aids mostly depends upon their designs and also the practical guidelines.

Selecting The Right Walking Aid:

A stroke patient should not, as such, go to the market and buy any walking aid; they need to consult a proper therapist or physiotherapist for that matter. The selection of the right walking aid depends upon the balance, gait, cardiovascular, cognition, neurological and musculoskeletal makeup and systems of the patients. Thus, a walker used by one patient cannot always be a good choice for any other patient. It is good to get the proper assessment from a medical practitioner. 

There also comes the element of perception as far as using walking aid is concerned. Therapists are also aware that patients might compromise and get up their independence towards using such aids. They might also feel dependent upon these walking aids and think fragile. The therapist’s aim should be to find a balance between motivation, encouragement and safety aspects of the patients.

Finally, regular follow-up is essential to check the impact of walking aid towards improvement in the patient’s health. You need to see if it is making the patient dependent or independent. Sometimes, patients completely become dependent on aids and their health is not improved. 

Walking Aid vs Body Weight

The prescription of the walking aid is also dependent upon the overall weight of the patient and also on the weight-bearing body part. Following is suggested in this regard:

  • NWB, i.e., Non-Weight Bearing: In this case, weight is not put on the limb that is required to be improved
  • FWB, i.e., Full Weight Bearing: The category comes with no restriction on the body parts. You can put all weight on the lower body with no issues
  • TTWB, i.e., Toe touch weight-bearing: This way, only the weight is put on the affected toes for improving balance
  • PWB; i.e., Partial Weight Bearing: Only some weight can be put on the lower portion of the limb.

There should be an emphasis on using a walker or crane for all stroke patients at home. People who don’t use this mobility aid tend to get more injuries in case they fall. The walker/cane and other elderly walking aids are good for assisting in walking and maintaining balance.

Why it’s not just about the Queue length but also about the experience

Why it’s not just about the Queue length, but also about the experience

Have you ever been stuck in a long queue for something you really wanted to purchase or obtain? What did it feel like being stuck in a long queue? Unhappy? Bored? Angry? Studies have shown that it is a mix of many negative emotions, these three included, that come to people’s minds when they are stuck in a long queue.

Of course, there are also factors that can mitigate how a crowd feels while queueing. Between queues under a scorching sun or a queue in an air-conditioned mall, which would you rather queue in?

If you are looking for a queue solutions vendor, you should check out ATT Systems. They are one of the most established in Singapore and you would consider them if you want effective solutions. Check them out here:

In this article by Customer Faithful, they write about how the event organizer needs to make the crowd feel like what they queue for is valuable:

Add ‘value’ to the wait– I remember helping a Theatre client deal with the queues that form during the interval of a West End show. Lines for the toilet, lines for the bar, another queue for ice-creams. Then we found that 1 in 7 people at the bar just bought bottles of water. So, we created mobile water-sellers, who sold to those waiting in line to spend a penny. Suddenly queuing for the loo had a multi-tasking benefit! The bar queues got shorter too, everyone was less stressed, and drinks revenue went up 9%”. Read more here!

It is very important to make remove or alleviate the negative emotions felt by the crowd – be it discomfort, purpose, or regret. These feelings need to go if you want to make people wait and be patient for their turn to arrive. Because if those feelings override whatever purpose people have for queueing – they will just drop out from the queue. Even the most ardent fans won’t queue under heavy rain for their favorite idol if they are too displaced from comfort.

So how much damage exactly does negative queueing experiences bring? Here, Tellermate tells us more:

A 2018 European Retail Report carried out by Adyen suggests that often long queues in stores can lead to potential customers abandoning purchases, with an estimated £14.3 billion being lost in sales last year for this reason alone.” Read more here!

How well you retain your customers is how well you can manage the queuing experience. What some retailers or event organisers have done is to give out refreshments to those waiting in the crowd. If it is an event launch, you can hire an emcee and engage the crowd, with promises of giveaways from mini-contests. This not only turns the attention of the crowd away from the discomfort, but also gives them a monetary reward just by staying in the queue.

Next, we explain how to actually solve your queue problems. Some organisers have turned to queue management systems, and Blog Nexa explains more:

Research has shown that when customers get the ability to pre-book appointments via your web site, call centre or other mediums, they feel a direct connection with the organisation. In fact, a customer surveys show that when customers directly engage with business and have the ability to book appointments directly, companies achieve as much as 10%-15% higher rating in customer satisfactory surveys.” Read more here!

If there is a technological solution around queueing, as a responsible organizer you should do the utmost you can to get people to avoid physical queueing. You can even turn it into online queueing, which is popular with concert tickets being sold online nowadays. Whichever the online method, customer satisfaction is bound to increase without physical queueing and having to endure the elements of weather, taking time out to be physically present queueing, or sharing a tight space with noisy strangers.

In conclusion, queueing is a behavior that is not likely to go away anytime soon. Whenever demand exceeds supply and a physical presence is needed to buy something, a queue will inevitably form. If you want your product sales to be as high as possible or your event to be well received, you need to take the queuing experience seriously.

FAQs on Health Benefit of Magnetic Therapy

FAQs on Health Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Many people today are opting for magnetic therapy instead of opting for painkillers or invasive surgeries. Today, devices magnetic support have gained immense popularity. Check out the following frequently asked questions about this alternative natural treatment to get relief from pain leading to faster healing.

1. What is the therapy all about?

Check out PIP knee support to know more. It is a type of alternative treatment using magnetic fields for treating medical conditions. A permanent magnet is brought in close contact with the human body so that the bones can heal faster and there is relief from the pain. Magnetic therapy is mostly recommended by medical practitioners as a treatment technique for back problems and joint disorders.

2. Can a magnet be used for pain relief?
In the recent times, magnets are being widely used for pain relief in different types of device such as headbands, elbow bands, bracelets and so on Magnets can create a special force known as a magnetic field. While the magnetic field of a static magnet does not change, an electromagnet can only create a magnetic field when an electrical current is passed through it.

3. How can a magnet affect the blood?
The iron present in your blood gets attracted to a magnetic field. Thereafter, there is increased movement of blood. The increased blood flow also increases the oxygen levels and carries hormone and nutrients to the tissues and organs in a more efficient manner. Finally, the natural pain-killing activity of the blood gets promoted.

4. How does a magnetic field reduce inflammation?
Your damaged cells and tissue can respond to the magnetic fields by getting the ions realigned into the proper position. Thereafter, the process of eliminating the extra fluid from these cells begins. A magnetic field can also impact your white blood cells, which surround an injury. It triggers the healing process of the cells and the regeneration of the tissues.

5. What is static magnetic therapy?
It is a form of magnetic therapy where the magnet should touch your skin in some way or the other. For instance, you could wear or use a magnetic bracelet or any other magnetized device. The product could be a special bandage with a magnet. One may even wear magnets as shoe insole. People may be also advised to sleep on specially designed mattress pads with magnets in them.

6. What is electromagnetic therapy?
If you have opted for an electromagnetic therapy, an electric charge is used to create the magnetic field.

In conclusion, magnetic therapy might not be for everyone, but if you have checked the above mentioned and want to give it a try, don’t be surprised if you see good results that usual treatments cannot achieve.

How to Remedy that Nagging Back Pain

How to Remedy that Nagging Neck and Back Pain

Today, many office workers are stationary at their desks for majority of the day. Whether it be facing the computer screen in a slouched position, over-craning their neck at their mobile phones, this is main reason for shoulder and neck aches in many people today.

If this is caused by a bad habit, reminding oneself to keep our posture straight might not be effective. Hence, we can consider doing muscle exercises to relieve those pains after we have sustained them.

For shoulder or neck pain relief, there are pain relief products that are available on the market. One such product is PIP’s health magnet series, such as the PIP Elekiban and PIP Magneloop. It’s the No. 1 in Magneto-Therapy in Japan and now they are on our Singapore shores at most healthcare retailers. Visit their site here today!

Next, this article from Genesis Orthopedics suggests 5 exercises to relieve shoulder pain.

Arm-across-Chest Stretch – Hold your right hand out in front of you, keeping it near your waist. Reach your left hand behind your elbow, pulling your right arm to the left and across your chest. If you feel pain in your shoulder, lower your arm until the pain subsides. The goal is to be able to pull your right arm across your chest without feeling any pain. Hold for 30-60 seconds then relax and repeat with your left arm. Repeat 3-5 times.” Read more here!

Here, we can see how a simple set of exercises can help alleviate bad posture or bad habits from using computers or smart devices. The best part of this is that no gym equipment is required, and the most you will need is a wall for you to do these simple exercises. If changing an old habit is difficult for you, you can try taking on a new habit instead.

Taking on a new habit can be a simple thing if done in baby steps. This can be doing the exercises before lunch, after lunch, during the late afternoon, before leaving the office, and after dinner. If you have done so, congratulations! You have done all 5 exercises in a single day.

Next, besides exercise, AP from Home Remedies shares other treatments to your muscle aches.

Drink 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea daily. To make the tea, simmer 1 tablespoon of thinly sliced ginger in 1½ to 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain, then add honey and drink it.

You can also drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a little honey twice daily for a week to promote quick recovery.” Read more here!

Herbal or fruit drinks can provide benefits such as anti-inflammation and pain relief if exercise is out of the question for some individuals. In fact, what we eat is closely related, if not more, to our overall health. In today’s society, the food we eat is mostly oily, fried and more processed as compared to in the past. Having such herbal or artisanal drinks not only relieves our aches but is good for our immune system as a whole.

Such a concoction is quite easy to make. In recent health trends, many people have been adding cucumber slices or fruit slices to their daily water intake. This is a good baby step that you can start with if you are not used to drinking healthy teas. Also, avoid overly heaty foods or empty calorie foods that do not benefit your health.

Lastly, we will explain why it is important you manage that muscle pain today, William C. Shiel Jr explains what the outcomes are if our shoulder or neck aches accumulate.

The most common cause of shoulder pain and neck pain is injury to the soft tissues, including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments within these structures.

Shoulder or A-C separation: The collarbone (clavicle) and shoulder blade (scapula) are connected by ligaments. With trauma to the shoulder, these ligaments can be stretched or torn.” Read more here!

In short, there can be bad consequences if muscle strain is not attended to and we just ‘leave it aside’ to focus on our daily work. When our body nags at us and tells us that there is something not right with it, we ought to stop and listen to what it has to say. Otherwise, the consequence would need more serious intervention, be it rehabilitation or surgery. As the saying goes, ‘Man chases wealth when they are young, and chases health when he is old’. The relationship does not need to be an exclusive one when we can take care of our health and chase wealth at the same time if we set aside time for both.

In conclusion, if we are suffering from shoulder or back aches from poor body posture at work, we need to correct them or consequences will be worse in the long run. It can be from doing simple exercises or eating healthy. As long as we start our path to recover and maintain our health, we can bid these problems goodbye.


What Are The Things One Must Consider While Choosing A Home Security System

What Are The Things One Must Consider While Choosing A Home Security System?

As technology keeps breaking new milestones each day, criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated. No matter how well planned a house is, unless it has a dependable security system securing it, the house is not considered complete. Fortunately, home security solutions are now more affordable than ever. The latest intrusion detection systems come with multiple fail proof redundancies, each of which are more difficult to break than the last, thereby deterring thefts significantly. And all of this is surprisingly affordable, thanks to the heightened competition in the home security system market.

If you are looking for an intrusion detection system, do consider ATT Systems Group. They have a wide expertise in many security systems and have the know-how to solve your queries and problems. You can check out their site above.

Many home security consultants strongly advise people to consider all possible scenarios before choosing a security system, so that there are no loopholes in the one�s security setup. It is high time people realised that, even a single loophole can compromise even the most advanced of home security systems. Although most people do not consider safety hazards while choosing a security system, it is strongly recommended that they do. Aged people who might require medical assistance and kids need to be taken into the picture, while considering the pros and cons of the different security systems in the market. In this article we shall discuss, what are the things one must consider while choosing a home security system.

Factoring in home hazards and children
Surprisingly, the vast majority of home hazards occur mostly due to people ignoring the safety precautions that are to be followed while setting up the wiring and heating systems around the house. People should never compromise on safety for any reason. While this might seem unnecessary, kids must be educated about the home security system to at least some extent. If they are capable of memorising the password, then they should definitely be made to. This way, they will not be helpless during an emergency.

Factoring in the elderly
If there are elders residing in the house, then the security system should be capable to alerting them to emergency scenarios. People who are hard of hearing should be alerted through some other means such as lights, as the siren may not reach them. Also in case of any some medical emergency, they should be able to alert the emergency services without much movement. Fortunately, most home security systems nowadays come with elderly friendly features. Additionally, if there are any firearms in the house, then they should be secured by the security system in some well concealed compartment.

Why Is Remote Surveillance Monitoring So Important?

It is your responsibility to safeguard your business. Just locking the windows and doors of your office premises is not sufficient. Contemplate making an investment in a good security camera system so that your business can be monitored well. Remote surveillance helps entrepreneurs to monitor their employees and businesses even while they are far off from their premises. With the advancement in technology, monitoring your business from a remote place is so simple. The task can be accomplished be installing security camera systems and getting them connected to the net. It will save your money and time to a great extent as the costs of traveling go down. Read on to know the most important benefits of remote surveillance monitoring.

If you are keen in purchasing a speed violation detection system, you should consider ATT Systems. Whether you are a consumer or a traffic regulator, this device is customized to fit both your vehicle and as a detections system. If you are keen to avoid or reduce traffic accidents, you should check this out at ATT Systems site here:

1. Your business can be remotely monitored
You can monitor all critical areas of your business continuously and easily. It can be accomplished from any device that you choose, at any time and from any place, even while you are away on a holiday. A person who is authorized can access such security camera system via their tablets, phone, or computer through the net.

2. Your business can be protected
Contrary to security guards who are likely to doze off to sleep at odd hours, security cameras do not sleep. Nor do they take any kind of breaks. When you install security cameras in your office premises, your security personnel and you can monitor the office premises thoroughly. The recorded clips can then be utilized to pursue legal suits to prosecute the burglars and thieves. These systems also help in decreasing vandalism and theft since people will have apprehensions of being recorded.

3. Such systems are less expensive
Remote surveillance is less costly as compared to recruiting guards on the site who have to be paid monthly salaries. You need to bear only the installation costs. The maintenance costs are very low in the case of a security camera system.

4. Improve productivity of business
It has been observed that employees have a tendency to work more while they are under surveillance. You will find that they are working up to their maximum potential and maintaining a good behavior while being monitored. Employees are also motivated as they feel safer in their workplace. Thus, a security camera system is an excellent management tool.

5. To maintain storage in digital form
A robust security system can record all the business proceedings even during the unofficial hours. This archived footage may be then used for supporting claims made by customers, employees or other stakeholders.

To know more about remote surveillance system and speed violation detection system, contact ATT Systems.

How to Select a Corporate Health Insurance Policy for your Employees

The adage Health is wealth is perfect in emphasising the necessity for a comprehensive and effective health insurance policy for your employees. Owing to improvements in the health of a workforce, productivity increases significantly. The consequence of better productivity is higher revenue or wealth for your company. Additionally, improved health and better productivity lead to a boost in the happiness of your workers.

Corporate health insurance is an integral part of the wide variety of schemes provided by corporate insurance companies in Singapore. A person joining a company looks at not only the salary offered but also the availability of an excellent health insurance package. Given the importance of picking the right health insurance package, it is essential to dedicate a sufficient amount of time and energy in choosing the health insurance scheme that is suited best for your employees.

What are the main factors that influence the decision-making process while selecting the right health insurance company? The rest of this article will describe these factors in detail.

Choose a reputed company

When it comes to choosing an insurance company to provide you with a corporate health insurance plan, choose a company with an established presence in Singapore. Conduct research into not only the claim settling capabilities but also the quality of service of your insurance company. A few examples of the top insurance companies in Singapore are listed below.


Zurich Life Insurance


Great Eastern Life



Do not choose low-cost plans

Despite the fact that human beings have a proclivity to choose a less expensive option, a corporate health insurance plan does not follow this principle. Often, a low-cost plan scheme has a lower coverage and a larger number of exclusions. The effectiveness of such plans reduces drastically.

Look carefully at the features of the policy

Selecting the right health insurance policy for your employees can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. As a result, many companies do not check whether the features of the plan are suited to their requirements.

A good example of an area that can be overlooked while choosing a plan is the coverage type the plan. The most commonly available types of coverage are the international option and the local option. Employees who travel internationally should have an international coverage and employees who work locally should have a local coverage. Often, owing to the need to take decisions quickly, many companies choose the wrong type of coverage for their workers. As a consequence, the effectiveness of the health insurance scheme reduces significantly.

Another feature that can be overlooked is the eligibility criteria of the policy. A health insurance plan is ineffective if your employee is not eligible for the scheme.

Choose a plan that can be customised to the requirements of your employees

Different people face different types of health risks. For example, the risk of chronic disease is much higher at the age of fifty-five than at the age of twenty-five. Certain professions involve a higher element of physical danger. Any strategy of selecting the best health insurance policy for your employees involves checking the individual health issues of each employee. A few of the common features of corporate health insurance schemes are listed below.

Group maternity insurance for women when they are pregnant and after childbirth.

Overseas insurance coverage for people who travel abroad on work assignments.

An option to transfer the health insurance policy to a new employer.

A wellness program that involves regular health check ups

Finally, it is important to interact with your employees to find out what type of plan suits them the best. Employee involvement in health insurance plan selection leads to a greater interest among employees in maximising the benefits of the plan.

When Can A Claim Be Filed For Workers Compensation?

An employee can file a work injury compensation claim when he or she is injured while on the job. Alternatively, they can also file a claim if they develop a disease, which is related to their work. The timing is important as any delay in filing such a claim after the employee succumbs to injuries or falls sick could be a disadvantage as the insurer for workers’ compensation may even deny the disburse the compensation benefits. In fact, when a significant time gap occurs between when the injury occurred and the reporting of the incident, the said insurer may raise red flags and suspect that the benefit claim may be illegitimate.

What happens when an injury or illness develops over a period of time?

Matter can be complicated when an employee has an injury or illness that develops gradually over a period of time.  In such cases there is only a finite time left when 1) you should have been aware or knew that it was a work-related injury and 2) You had taken leave since you succumbed to an injury or went to consult a physician for the injury.

Workers’ compensation process

The initiation of the compensation process happens with sending a notification to your employer about your work-related illness or injury. Moreover, a majority of the states will require the said employee to file a formal claim for workers’ compensation. Your employer should be notified of your illness or injury as soon as possible. The notification should include details such as the place, time and the date of the injury and information on how you succumbed to such an injury. If you wish, you can also include a list f all those witnesses, especially when the injury occurred due to an accident in the workplace.

Generally, an insurer may ask the affected employee or worker to sign the medical authorizations, which will allow the insurer to get in touch with the health care providers of the employer directly to obtain the bills and the medical records of the employees.

However, the employee is not under any type of legal obligation to sign such authorizations. However, if the employee is injured and is filing a work injury insurance compensation claim, is under the obligation to share the medical bills and other records that are relevant to the accident in the workplace.

But, many insurers do not believe the injured workers. Rather they prefer to get those medical records on their own. Employees should give medical authorizations since insurers then get a chance to invade their privacy.

Do You Require A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?


Have you differed injuries at your workplace and are contemplating whether to hire the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer or not? The answer to this question depends on how severe your injury is and the complexity of the case.

Situations where you can do a self-representation

Typically, you should be able to represent your own case when the following points hold true:

  • You missed no work or only a little work after succumbing to your injuries.
  • You met only a minor injury at your workplace like a cut that required some stitches or twisted your ankle.
  • You do not suffer from any type of pre-existing condition.
  • The injury took place at the workplace as per your employer’s admission.

Situations where you may need a lawyer

When you find that your case is appearing complex, it is better to hire a lawyer. Here are some of those situations where you can contact a lawyer to represent you.

Your claim is denied by the employer or there is a delay in getting your benefits

Workers’ compensation insurers and employers may often reject an employee’s work injury insurance claims. They are confident that a majority of the employees will not take the pain to appeal. In fact, a whopping 80 percent of the employees who get injured at workplace just accept the denial of claims made by them without making an effort to appeal further. There is no upfront cost to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. Moreover, you can have the best opportunity to get a fair settlement of your compensation claim for the injuries.

The settlement offer made by your employer did not cover your entire medical bills or lost wages.

In case you are uncertain that the offer of your settlement is not adequate, you should not only depend on the judge to ensure that you get a fair deal. You must consult an experienced attorney so that he if she can help you to get the best possible claim settlement for you.

Certain medical problems bar you from continuing either your previous job or even continuing with work at all.

When you have suffered a permanent total disability or partial disability, there could be an entitlement of a weekly payment for your lifetime or a lump sum payment as a compensation for the wages lost by your disability. Now, cases like these can be exorbitant for the insurers. So, they may try their best to avoid paying what the concerned employee deserves. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is necessary in cases like these that involve permanent illness or injuries.


What Should Owners of Small Businesses Know About Local Workers’ Compensation Laws?

As far as an owner of a small business is concerned, there could be several queries with respect to work injury compensation insurance. If you run a small business too, check out some of the important facts you should know about workers’ compensation.

Keep in mind the number of workers you have on your payroll

There are many states where the employers are exempted from work injury compensation insurance if the number of employees is five or less than that. So, in case you have less than 5 employees, you may not have to carry this insurance. But, even though it may not be mandatory in your case, you may still want to have it for the benefit of your business and employees.

You need to see how your employees are classified on the payroll

This means, all your employees may not be covered under your workers’ compensation program if you are running a small business. Usually, you should ensure the coverage of your full-time employees only. Very often, interns, contractors, and part-time employees are exempted from this kind of coverage.

In case, work injury compensation is a requirement, ensure that the law is followed.

Though workers’ compensation may be a requirement in many states, the specifications of the law may differ from state to state. While in some States it is a part of the state-run initiative, in others, the program is run by private insurers. But if you are uncertain how it works in your state, it is better to get in touch with an insurance agent in your locality.

Have you hired your family members as employees?

There are some states where family members can be exempted from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance program of a business owner, though not always. Although it is easy to overlook that even your close family members such as a daughter, a brother or a spouse can be your employees technically, there are many cases where the law may treat them so as far as the scope of this insurance is concerned.  So, you need to make sure where your state stands on this issue.

Workers’ compensation insurance is good for you and your insurance

The coverage protects your workers from health expenses that are incurred due to job-related injuries. However, workers’ compensation for small business also protects a business from lawsuits related to costs that are covered under this program.


Benefits Of Medical Insurance

Commercial insurance covers your medical and surgical expenses that would be financially a big blow to the majority of employees in any company. Illnesses and accidents do no happen with prior notice. They happen when you least expect it. To curb those unpleasant situations where mental, as well as monetary strain, is undergone by an individual, commercial insurance provides financial support.

Commercial insurance is not a compulsory benefit that one has to take up. But it sure does justice the term ‘benefits’ as there are many for a non-residential employee apply for foreign workers medical insurance .

1)Care provided outside of the hospital is called outpatient care. In this case, you don’t have to be admitted in order to receive treatment. The doctor recommends treatment based on the assessment that he conducts. There are various guidelines that he is to follow before declaring ‘outpatient care’

2)Transportation, in the case of emergencies, is covered by the medical insurance provided to the employee. The use of an ambulance is chargeable to the employer who has insured his employee under the foreign workers medical insurance.

3)Expenses like medication costs, medical report charges, treatment fees, medical consultation charges, surgery, ward fees and artificial limbs are incurred by the commercial insurance. Medical leaves are also compensated for. When the employee receives a doctor-granted medical certificate or hospital advised leave, the employee cannot be forced to work against his will.

4)Laboratory tests and medication for on-going treatment even after a surgery is undertaken by the insurance. Counseling, vaccinations, and therapy (if recommended by the doctors based on their assessment) are to be covered by the insurance.

5) In the case of fatal incidents like permanent disability caused due to an accident or chronic condition, speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, rehabilitation and other such treatments are to be provided. The family is provided assistance with a lump sum amount as compensation to continue the treatment of the insured. If devices like artificial limbs or health monitors are necessary for the treatment of the insured, it has to be provided under the insurance. In the case of death, lump sum compensation is provided to the family or dependant to help them cope with the financial losses that they incur as their monetary needs are no longer provided for.

The benefits give a better sense of the importance of medical insurance and how a small amount of investment on a monthly basis can be useful in the long term.

What should your Foreign Worker Insurance policy cover?

What is the foreign workers insurance?

An insurance is an arrangement by which a company or may be the state ensure to give some kind of compensation in case of any kind of losses or damage or even in case of death. Foreign workers insurance is a type of insurance that covers individuals who go out of their native lands to work in a foreign country, against any medical injuries. Any individual who works in a foreign land for any tenure is liable to get this insurance. Any individual who travels out of their country is covered under this insurance to be compensated for any injuries that happen to them while they are on-the-job.

Even employees who come to a foreign land for a temporary stay get paid under the foreign workers insurance. The tenure for which an employee will be covered differs from one country to another. The question is why do an employee need such a policy? There are several reasons: firstly, an employee may have to stay in a foreign beyond a period that is permissible by law and during this stay he or she may be exposed to different kinds of hazards. Secondly, the employee may extract some local disease or infection. Thirdly, the employee may be injured due to some accident in the work place. To cover all these scenarios, a foreign workers medical insurance is needed.

Coverage scope of foreign workers medical insurance:

All those employees who are working in an office far away from their native place should know what all claims are covered under the foreign workers insurance. The coverage includes:

Hospital room charges: in case of hospitalization, the insurance will cover the cost of your hospital room charges to a certain limit fixed by the state.

Intensive or critical unit charges: in case you meet with an accident and is put in an intensive care unit, the insurance will cover the cost incurred.

Surgery charges: in case you have to undergo any surgery due to any accident or injury, the insurance will cover the cost.

Miscellaneous hospital expense: during your stay in the hospitals all the miscellaneous expenses like medicines, dressing, therapy charges—all this is covered under this insurance.

Pre and post hospitalization charges: any kind of expense incurred for investigation and diagnosis pre and post hospitalization is covered by this insurance.

Hence the foreign workers medical insurance covers a lot of your medical expenses in case of any illness or injury.

The Big Risks in Business for Which You Need Public Liability Insurance

An owner of a business or the business itself can be exposed to certain risks when their equipment, sites or activities cause either property damage or personal injury to the members of the general public. This is known as the public liability for the business.

The size of the business is not important as even a small business can bear risks due to some damage caused to its customers. There are various instances when other organizations may not like to work with you if you have not purchased public liability insurance in Singapore. Even medium-sized and small businesses that are interacting with the public may get exposed to such risks due to small accidents while they are into their daily business activities. For instance, the builder leaving a heater accidentally on and that leads to a fire break-out at the client premises. Another example can be the leakage of a water pipe that stops all work in an office for several days. While these incidents may appear to be small, but there could be severe consequences for the customers. The latter could even proceed to take legal actions against the business that supplied the services or the goods.

What should be covered?

There are typically two terms associated with the Public Liability Insurance. They are “property damage” and “personal injury”. Personal injury is a broad term and its scope may also include defamation and mental injury. On the other hand, property damage may also constitute of loss of the use of a property though it has not got damaged. The PL insurance should typically cover the following.

Property damage in the control, custody or care of the insured.

Liabilities that are assumed as per the agreement

When there is an occurrence of a personal injury or property damage due to the design error of the suppliers.

When leased properties get damaged.

Exporting products for locations where an insured person does not have any kind of physical presence.

Use, operation, maintenance or ownership of watercraft.

When pollutants get discharged accidentally or all of a sudden.

Repair and service of the motor vehicles.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there could be other factors too. Moreover, the policy should also cover the expenses for defending the above-mentioned claims in a court and also for negotiations and investigations to this effect.

Whom can the policy protect?

The policy should protect subsidiaries

Sporting or social clubs created with the consent of the insured.

Businesses or people to whom a promise has been made by the insured to arrange coverage

Shareholders, partners, employees or directors of the insured.

How to Buy Coverage for Your House?

When you want to protect your house and its content as well as indirectly want to safeguard other assets during disasters like accidents, thefts and fire, homeowners’ insurance is a great option.

But it is interesting to know that a standard homeowners coverage may not cover damages caused by an earthquake or a flood and may need extra coverage. A standard homeowners’ coverage may also provide protection for your possessions from the above-mentioned disasters and against theft. However, never think that your standard policy is like a blank check. There is, after all, a restriction on the amount of compensation you will get. When you possess specific belongings of some value like artwork or jewelry, my out can pay some extra amount every year to get them insured for clawing their entire replacement value.

Moreover, if someone is visiting your property and slips down thereby spraining his or her ankle, the person might sue you to recover his medical expenses. Homeowners’ policy can cover your liabilities in situations like these. Such policies may not be mandatory by law, similar to vehicle insurance. However, your mortgage company may typically need you to buy a policy prior to sanctioning your loan.

What should be your coverage requirement?

The home insurance you are going for should be adequate coverage for rebuilding and furnishing your house from the scratch to its completion. You can consult a home builder and request them to inspect your home and provide a rough estimate on the amount it will take for rebuilding it. You should also remember to bring to their attention any expensive or unique details that may be also included in the cost of replacement.

After you have ascertained your home’s replacement cost, you need to also find out the type of policy you will need. Here are a few important terms to help you out.

Inflation guard or guarantee

It is a feature to ensure that the insured value of your home stays at par with the market.

Extended replacement coverage

Many insurance companies provide coverage, which limits the eventual payout at approximately 125 percent of the insured value of your home.

Coverage of guaranteed replacement cost

It signifies that an insurer is liable to pay for rebuilding your house irrespective of the cost. However, such coverage is not easily available these days.

In case you are privy to a good appraisal, a guarantee for inflation as well as extended replacement coverage, you are getting a good deal. This appraisal can offer a figure that is reliable while the inflation guarantee ensures that the price of your home stays current. You may also opt for flood insurance when you reside in a high-risk locality.

Contact Allegiance for any queries related to levy Bond or insurance related services.

164. Low Maintenance Types of Upholstery

Low Maintenance Types of Upholstery

The whole look of the furniture in any room depends mostly on the upholstery that is used on it. Choosing the kind of upholstery that is most suited to ones needs can sometime be a mammoth task as there are many varieties of colours and textures to choose from. One of the major criteria that come into play while choosing upholstery is easy maintenance. Here are a few types of low maintenance upholstery Singapore.

Natural fibres are made from natural origin such as wool, jute, cotton, flax, etc. These fibres are anti-allergenic, friendly to the environment and can also breathe easily.

Cotton is soft and breathable material, it is also durable, easy to clean and comfortable. As the price is also not very high it is a very economical type of upholstery. Cotton blends can also be used to increase strength and durability of the fabric as well as to add texture to it.

Linen is another natural fibre that is usually used for upholstery and is a great choice for the living room. It is elegant, unpretentious and most importantly it is resistant to pilling and soiling.

Wool upholstery is the most versatile as they can vary in texture and pattern. It is a very sturdy and durable kind of fabric. Along with this, wool has very good resistance to fading, wrinkling, pilling and soiling. Wool is easy to clean and maintain and remains as beautiful as the first day for many years.

Synthetic fibres are more resistant to fading and staining than natural ones. Thus a blend between a natural fibre and synthetic one are most commonly used.

Acrylic fibres are soft and warm; they are usually very light but have a high resistance to wearing, wrinkling, fading and soiling. They retain their colour even if kept in the sun for a long time.

Nylon is one of the strongest fibres, when blending nylon with other fabrics increases its durability, stain resistance and reduces wrinkling.

Polyester like nylon is most commonly used as a blend. It is durable and strong and is resistant to exposure to sunlight.

Suede and leather may not technically be fabric but are increasingly being used in furniture. The major advantages of leather are that it is soft to touch, durable, can come in a variety of textures, and is very easy to maintain as it is stain resistant.

Candidate Profile – Jon Golnik

My Friends,

First I want to apologize for the recent issues that we have had with regards to format errors, etc. You will notice that we have gone back to our old newsletter format in an attempt to address this for the time being.

That aside, the time is now upon us to get involved as best we can individually to collectively secure the future for those we hold most dear, our children and their future posterity.

I am sure you are all very much aware of the fact that the November elections are rapidly approaching. As we get closer and closer to November 2nd, I will be highlighting the efforts and positions of certain candidates who need our support so they can go to Washington and enact the change that we demand!

Today’s candidate is a man who I have had the chance to meet and speak with personally on numerous occasions. He is a man of conviction and a man who understands the responsibility of the task he will be charged with should we be fortunate enough to have him represent us.

Jon Golnik is not a career politician. As someone with a strong and diverse background, Jon will bring an innovative and refreshing approach to the challenges we face. His worries are your worries; he is your neighbor, your child’s sports coach and your friend.

I recently asked Jon why he decided to enter this particular race at this particular time. I will let Jon’s word’s speak for themselves:

“After the 2008 election I looked at my two children and simultaneously seeing what was going on in Washington with this new administration; the ongoing nationalization of private companies, the take over of the banking industry and the intrusion by the federal government into every aspect of our lives.

I looked at my elected congresswoman and saw a blind obedience to partisan party leadership who admitted to not reading legislation that would forever change healthcare, and a myriad of other bills with the goal, intentional or otherwise, of reshaping the country that I love. I said enough is enough.

We were raised in a country in which hard work and effort created success, and I want my children and yours to have the same opportunities we have had. For my children, for your children, and for the sake of America as we know it, I opted to stand up and be counted. My goal, if honored with the people’s vote and support, is to leave this country a better place for our children and grandchildren.”

That said it all for me. Please join Jon in creating a new type of elected leader. Please visit his website at to learn more about his candidacy, his positions, and ways that you can help Jon Golnik win the Massachusetts 5th Congressional district seat on November 2nd!

Unwaveringly Yours,


Gambling Problem?

If I ever get in a jam, I ask for no special treatment. Just treat me like a Democrat, like the wrinkly wife of a moonbat congressman who worships the ground Nancy Pelosi and her Botox walk on.

Treat me like Patrice Eremian Chew Tierney, aka Mrs. John Tierney. Gets indicted for laundering millions in ill-gotten gains for her brother, a fugitive gangster, and when she gets caught, she tells the judge she’s depressed and gets fined $2,500.

Think about it – a working man in Reading was just hit with a $2,000 fine for the crime of having no dough to buy himself and his family some RomneyCare health insurance he didn’t need. Now that’s a serious offense.

Two months ago, Christy Mihos was caught using his own personal funds in his campaign for governor, as well as filing late reports. The fine: $70,000.

Question: what’s the big difference between Mrs. Tierney and Mihos?

Mrs. Tierney is a Democrat. Thus, when she launders $8 million in ill-gotten gains, a criminal offense (at least if you’re a Republican), her penalty is a paltry $2,500 fine (plus those hefty $400 court costs). Nothing to see here folks, move along.

And what does John Tierney say on behalf of his felon wife?

“Today’s not about me.”

Or, as Richard Nixon put it, “I am not a crook.”

I’m reading the federal indictment of the Eremian gang last summer, and there’s a list of wire transfers Eremian, the Armenian Whitey Bulger, made to his sister/laundress:

•9/21/05, $20,000. Payee: P.T.
•1/27/10, $26,500. Payee: P.T.
“I was not involved,” the congressman claimed. “It had nothing to do with me.”

They must be the only married couple in the world that never talks about money, especially big chunks of it.

This is from the feds on Page 7 of the Eremian mob’s indictment: “Approximately $8 million was laundered through these U.S. bank accounts.”

Nice district, the 6th. The previous Democrat congressman was Nicky Mavroules, Nicky Pockets. He ran his office as a racketeering enterprise – that was the first line in his indictment. He used his son-in-law as his bagman, and they used a code in which a $5,000 bribe was “five bottles of wine.”

What a piker Pockets was. Patrice laundered 8,000 bottles of wine for the Mob.

Henceforward, John Tierney is known as “Johnny Pockets.” When the words “Nicky Pockets” and “racketeering” began to be used in the same sentence back in 1992, the voters threw Mavroules under the bus. Let’s see if they can do the right thing 25 days from now.

The Markey/Madoff Connection

Remember that “Cauldron of Corruption” I was talking about the other day? Well after going through the records provided by Markey’s opponent, Dr. Gerry Dembrowski in a bit more detail, it appears that Ed Markey received approximately $30,000 in campaign contributions from the one and only Bernie Madoff and various members of his family.

Take a look at the list below and you can see the details for yourself. Each line represents a donation that was made to Ed Markey.

I for one would like to know if Mr. Markey donated these contributions or did he turn a blind eye to the corruption because it once again served his own interests?

The Phantom Menace and the Cauldron of Corruption


“Currently in a Democracy very very near….”


“Turmoil has engulfed the Republic.


Corruption and excessive spending by the leadership has become commonplace. The best interests of the citizenry have been repeatedly ignored, their common sense mocked and sensibilities abused.
Seeking to further dampen the will of the people, the greedy Congressional leaders repeatedly pass laws without the consent of the governed. While the Congress of the Republic endlessly abuses its power and further pushes this alarming agenda, the citizens have boldy risen up to settle the conflict…”
With all due respect to Darth Maul, there is one congressional figure whose actions have epitomized the unethical, immoral, and until now, invisible goings on in Washington DC. For 34 years Ed Markey has flown under the radar, repeatedly being re-elected to serve a district that he neither lives in not cares about.
Mr. Markey has come to epitomize everything that is wrong with the system, amassing a small fortune in campaign contributions from the very firms (and individuals of those firms) and special interest groups he is charged with overseeing.

For example, Ed Markey currently chairs the Energy and Commerce committee. A closer look into his donations by the related industries leads one to seriously question whether or not Ed Markey is influenced to pass certain bills and set aside particular earmarks. At minimum, there is a clear and undeniable conflict of interest.

Here are just a few examples that can’t help but make one wonder whether or not Markey is a key component of the “pay to play” schemes that we all fear are happening in Washington.

The following is paraphrased from the article titled Caldron of Corruption now up on Gerry Dembrowski’s website at
General Electric is one of the largest companies in the world yet they received a $25M grant from the Stimulus Package to create jobs only to have them lay off 18,000 workers. (See
In August of 2009 leaked emails from GE show how the company would financially support Waxman-Markey for Cap and Trade (See
Markey along with several democrat leaders such as Pelosi and Waxman received thousands in campaign contributions from GE. (Please refer to the “Ed Markey donor list on Gerry Dembrowski’s website here:
The question Bill O’Reilly asks is, “Why would we give GE $25 million in the first place when they’re generating an enormous amount of money. They don’t need stimulus package.”
Earmarks have long been a concern of the deception and waste that takes place in Congress. This past year, questions over Ed Markey’s $32M earmark in defense for the Ted Kennedy Library received the most notoriety since it had nothing to do with the defense of our country.
At closer examination of Ed Markey’s earmarks however demonstrates how political contributions directly influence earmark appropriations to companies.

Raytheon received a $4M appropriation thanks to Ed Markey. Ed Markey in turn received thousands in campaign contributions from Raytheon and its executives.

Thermo Fisher Scientific received a mere $800,000 and Ed Markey receives thousands from that company and its executives.
(Please refer to the link titled Ed Markey’ Earmarks on Gerry Dembrowski’s website here
Ed Markey and his fellow Corrupticrats have shown us exactly who they are. It is time to restore honesty and ethics in Congress and and it is time to return control of it to the people.

Program Alert

Jerusalem: What’s the Struggle About?” With Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Christians and Jews United for Israel (CJUI)is honored to present Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the distinguished Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islamic history and culture, on Sunday, January 16 at 7 pm at Temple Emeth in Chestnut Hill. His topic will be “Jerusalem: What’s the Struggle About?”

Dr. Kedar, who received his Ph.D from Bar-Il an University, is a lecturer at the Department of Arabic Studies and a research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-IlanUniveristy.

Dr. Kedar, an expert on Islam, Islamic radicalism, the political discourse of Arab countries, and the Arabic press and mass media, served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence.

Dr. Kedar gained fame-and notoriety-with his 2008 interview on Al-Jazeera in Arabic with a Palestinian Islamist moderator, challenging the moderator’s assertions on Jerusalem. The interview can be seen on YouTube.

There will be a suggested donation of $10 per person for this event. Light refreshments will be served.